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According to andyeducation, Bangladesh has long been committed to providing access to quality education for all its citizens. The country has an impressive literacy rate of 72.7%, with the majority of the population having access to some form of education. Bangladesh’s educational system is divided into three tiers: primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary education in Bangladesh is largely provided by government-run schools, though there are also a number of private institutions which offer primary level instruction as well. Primary schooling typically begins at the age of five and lasts for five years, during which students learn basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills as well as being introduced to more advanced topics such as geography and science. Secondary education in Bangladesh is split into two levels: junior secondary school and senior secondary school. Junior secondary schooling typically lasts for three years while senior secondary schooling lasts for two years. During these two levels, students are expected to specialize in a particular field or subject area such as mathematics, science or language arts while also receiving instruction in general knowledge topics like history or geography. Tertiary education in Bangladesh is provided by both public universities and private institutions across the country. Public universities typically offer courses leading up to bachelor’s degrees while private universities tend to specialize in areas like medicine or finance. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, many universities also offer online courses and distance learning programs for those who wish to pursue higher education without attending university in person. The government of Bangladesh provides free tuition at all levels from primary through tertiary education, as well as providing scholarships for those who demonstrate exceptional academic performance. Furthermore, the government has implemented a policy that allows students who have completed their secondary studies at least one year prior to enrolling at a university to receive full tuition waivers if they meet certain criteria such as maintaining a GPA above 3.0 and having no disciplinary issues during their studies at the university level. In addition to offering quality educational opportunities across all levels, the government also places an emphasis on providing extra-curricular activities such as sports, music and art classes that are designed to foster creativity amongst young people while also giving them an opportunity to develop important social skills outside of the classroom environment. These programs are often funded by the government and can provide students with valuable experiences that will help them become well-rounded individuals. See educationvv for Bangladesh educational systems.


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– Bangladesh Capital city Dhaka Surface 147,570 km² Population 168,958,000 Road network length 22,726 km Length of highway network 55 km First highway 2020 Motorway name / Expressway Traffic drives Left License plate code BD Bangladesh (Bengali: বাংলাদেশ) is a…
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