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According to andyeducation, the educational system in Algeria has undergone significant changes in recent years, with a focus on increasing access to education and improving its quality. Algeria has achieved universal primary and secondary education, with 99 percent of children enrolled in primary school and 98 percent of students completing secondary school. The government is committed to providing free education at all levels, including free textbooks and stationery for students. However, there is still a lack of qualified teachers in certain areas and the quality of teaching remains low due to inadequate resources. Furthermore, many schools are in disrepair or lack basic amenities such as running water or electricity. In an effort to improve the quality of education, the government has introduced reforms such as introducing national exams for grades 6-12 which were previously absent from the curriculum. Furthermore, it has implemented policies that aim to promote gender parity in education by providing scholarships for girls from low-income families and offering incentives for teachers who specialize in teaching girls. Algeria also has a number of specialized technical schools that offer vocational training and programs that focus on specific industries such as agriculture, engineering, and computer science. These schools are designed to prepare students for careers in their chosen field while also promoting economic growth through job creation. Overall, Algeria is making progress towards achieving its goal of providing universal access to quality education for all its citizens. However, there is still much more that needs to be done if this goal is going to be realized. See educationvv for Algeria educational systems.


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الجزائر – al-Jazā’ir Capital city Algiers Surface 2,381,741 km² Population 44,700,000 Road network length 71,656 km Length of highway network 1,853 km First highway 1985 Motorway name Autoroute Traffic drives Right License plate code DZ Algeria (Arabic: الجزائر, Al-Jazā’ir), formally…
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