Sorgenfresser: Friendly Stuffed Animals That Eat The Fears

All children go through stages of fears, are quite normal and are part of the process of personality development. We can help them overcome them in different ways, one of them can be through the game that I want to present to the Sorgenfresser, a few friendly stuffed animals that eat the fears.

They have the appearance of monsters, but tender and friendly, those who do not release a cry. Its peculiarity is that they have a huge mouth zipped able to dispel nightmares, night terrors, and concerns.

His big mouth zipped has also other functions. The child can write or draw on a paper What disturbs you, and enter it, either or can be the place where MOM or dad leave hidden some sweets or note when the sin is sick, or why not, even where to save the tooth which has dropped.

They are newly llegaditos of Germany and I found it funnier, as well as a good way to help children overcome their anxieties and fears of.

There are 20 different plush toys available in two sizes and cost from 12,95 EUR.