Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands
Capital city Honiara
Surface 28.400 kmĀ²
Population 690.000
Road network length 34 km
Length of highway network 0 km
First highway N/A
Motorway name N/A
Traffic drives Links
License plate code SOL

The Solomon Islands or Solomon Islands is an island nation in Oceania, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country is the size of two thirds of the Netherlands and has more than 700,000 inhabitants. See Solomon Islands population density. The capital is Honiara.

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, the Solomon Islands are a group of elongated islands of some size east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu. The islands are located 1,700 kilometers from the Australian continent. The country consists of six larger, elongated islands of 150 to 220 kilometers in length and 30 to 40 kilometers in width. The capital Honiara is located on the island of Guadalcanal, other larger islands are San Cristobal, Malaita, Santa Isbel and New Georgia, the largest island. To the west is the Solomon Sea, to the north the Pacific Ocean and to the south the Coral Sea. The islands are quite mountainous, Mount Popomanaseu is the highest point of the Solomon Islands at 2,335 meters.

The islands were a British protectorate and one of the largest naval battles of the Second World War took place here. In 1978 the country became independent from the United Kingdom. The country is democratic, but economically not highly developed. Income is $2,800 per resident. Agriculture and fishing are the main economic sectors, and there is some tourism, which is however limited by poor infrastructure and geographic isolation.

Road Network

Although the islands are relatively large, the road network is very poorly developed. There is 1,360 kilometers of road, of which 800 kilometers are private roads over the plantations. Only 34 kilometers of road is paved, even the main route from Honiara to the west and east is soon unpaved. There are no highways on the Solomon Island, and the little traffic is on the left. A 2×2 road runs through Honiara, an otherwise not too big urban city. There are no roads in the interior of the islands, on most other islands there are no roads at all. There are no ferry services or bridge connections between the islands.

Road numbering

There is no road numbering in the Solomon Islands.


Little is known about any signage in the Solomon Islands. Given the very small number of paved roads, it is very doubtful whether there is any signage at all.

Solomon Islands Location Map