Sharm El Maya, Egypt

Sharm El Maya is one of the areas of the famous Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheikh. It is located in the southwestern part of the city, on the shore of the bay of the same name. As in all other areas of the resort, along the entire bay in two or three lines there are hotels for every taste and budget. The main advantage of Sharm El Maya is its location. The point is not only that the loop-shaped bay is protected from the wind from all sides (which, by the way, can only fly from one, left side). It is from here that yachts and boats depart for boat trips to Ras Mohammed National Park, and in this area is the famous Old Town with its real oriental market. For Egypt climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

Shopping and stores

Many people come to the Old City from other parts of the city, just to visit the Old Market. This is a colorful cluster of shops, tents, stalls and street vendors selling a variety of things: food, papyri, perfumes and essential oils, painted sand paintings, rugs, clothes, bags and belts (of course, everything is exclusively from Versacci). Noisy, not too clean, everything is bargaining. And everywhere: even in the supermarkets located right there. The only exception is the Gazala store, there are fixed prices indicated next to each product.

An interesting detail: there is a Duty Free shop in the city, where you can shop for two days after arrival. For control, your passport will be checked.

The beaches of Sharm El Maya

Another feature that attracts tourists to Sharm el Maya are sandy beaches. The sand is dense, entry into the water in most cases is just perfect. Here it is difficult to get hurt on stones or corals, step on a sea urchin. Of course, when entering the water for the first time on any beach, you need to be careful, but in the bay of Sharm El Maya, the dangers are minimized.

There are 26 beaches in total, each of which is run by a hotel. Some of them are trying to make a paid entrance for those who do not live in a hotel that monitors the territory. Buses run from non-first line hotels to the beaches. Their schedule and price depends on the class of the hotel and the type of tour chosen. Somewhere they are free for hotel guests, but you have to take a taxi, as the schedule is very inconvenient or the buses are too small.

Hotel animators try not to let anyone get bored on the beach and in the hotel and constantly arrange contests and events for children and adults.

In general, the beaches are very good, wide, clean, equipped with everything you need. After the shark incidents, many hotels added a watchtower to the list of “needs” with an attendant vigilantly looking out through binoculars for danger from the sea. Usually this precautionary measure turns out to be unnecessary, since there are very few fish near the beaches of Sharm El Maya. Swimming here is very good for families with children: it is calm, the sea is warm, you can run into the water with a screech, raising a cloud of spray.

If you really want to admire the marine life, this can be done from the pontoons that are available on several beaches. In addition, adults and active people often go for this spectacle to a wild beach, to the left, towards Ras Mohammed. There, for comfortable swimming, you will need rubber slippers so as not to cut yourself on corals. It is better to come there in the afternoon, after 15:00, so that sightseers have time to leave those places.

Entertainment and attractions of Sharm El Maya

Hotel animators try not to let anyone get bored on the beach and in the hotel and constantly arrange contests and events for children and adults. On the beaches, traditional entertainment is added to their efforts: banana riding (30 USD), kiting (35 USD), water skiing (55 USD), swimming in a glass-bottomed boat (from 30 USD), etc. At the hotel you can play tennis, work out on sports equipment or visit a massage session (hour 40-60 USD). If you find it boring to spend your evenings at the hotel, blue and white taxis will take you from here to anywhere in Sharm el-Sheikh. Many vacationers in the evenings go to rest in Naama Bay, the road to which costs about 3-5 USD. The prices on the page are for August 2021.

Sharm El Maya, Egypt