Risk of Suffocation in Dolls Little Old People

In the picture you can see two models of dolls, the ancient above and the current down. The former Little People dolls, manufactured up to the year 1991, they are dangerous for children as they can present choking hazard in less than three years.

While ago already nine years have been marketed these dolls, which have been replaced by a more secure one larger version, the death of a child ten months recently in Canada has made to Fisher Price, the brand that sells the dolls, launched a warning about their risk.

Now sells a model of greater proportions, the circular base is a centimeter bigger than the old version to avoid precisely the risk that a child might swallow it and drowning.

The old version was manufactured from 1965 until 1991, because some will know them just now but the Little People have completed 50 years.

Although it is unlikely that our children have these dolls because they are under nine years of age, it is important to warn about the risk because older versions of second hand, or it may be sold a child could inherit some more buddy toys.

Also, if someone is engaged in collecting these dolls, who know they must be out of the reach of young children because its small size could cause an unfortunate accident.

We need to clarify that no risk in the current puppets there is (in fact at home we have three of them) because its circular base measures 3 cm and the upper part more so it is impossible that a child could swallow it.

Incidentally, in addition to safer, the current ones are much more beautiful than the older.