Ri Happy Toys Children’s Day 2011

Childhood is one of the most delightful times in anyone’s life. It is also a time of the most important:it is with the teachings and knowledge of our early years that we will determine many things in our future, although relatively few things are done. Among them is play, which is always more than fun . For those who do not know the importance of this, think that it is through the games that children develop perceptions and learning about the world around them, respecting their age and development.

Of course, playing around is such an important thing, what is the most interesting gift we can give a child? Toys, of course. And since the children’s day is coming up, how about seeing some very interesting gift options offered by Ri Happy?


Windy Tree Fisher-Price Enchanted Forest:The windy tree contains in its blades three characters that spin, make rattle sounds and spin as the baby hits the toy and moves this little mill.The toy can be attached easily to most surfaces and is a great source of fun for your baby in your stroller.The recommended age for use of the toy is from 3 months.

– Cat Swing:A kitten that is always standing and that is also a top.Squeezing his muzzle, the colored balls on his belly sway and spin.The recommended age for the toy is for children over 6 months.

– Coloring Carpet Disney Cars 2:The Disney Cars 2 paint carpet can be placed on the wall, on the floor or on the table, and can be painted, erased and colored again. The carton contains the plastic carpet, 97cm x 97cm, 1 box of 15-color wax chalk and 1 cloth to extinguish. The toy is recommended for children over 3 years as it contains small parts that can be swallowed.

– Cradle for Doll – Sweet Dream – Magic Toys:Bercinho with mobile, real changer, clothes rack, dressing rooms for clothes, collhão and pillow.Suggested age: from 3 years.

– Super Game of Life Star:In this super game all transitions are made with a credit and debit machine, and all game houses, insurances and stocks are related to real products and services.The Game of Life machine also functions as a roulette wheel, calculates interest automatically, and announces the winner.