Precious Papers to Make The PAC-Man Game

Make paper shapes is stimulating for children. Today I want to show some precious papers to make the PAC-man game. They are of Djeco, a French brand that I love specialized papers and toys to make crafts with kids.

At home we have them and we had fun much playing the game with my daughters. The technique of origami, the art of Japanese origin of the folding of the paper, or origami, has a great pedagogical value. On the one hand, it helps develop manual skills, but also to promote the concentration and stimulate creativity.

Bending here and folding there will get to create shapes of objects and people, or as in this case, a “toy” that can play.

Djeco papers are really nice, and have been especially created so that the geometric designs indicate to children where have to fold the paper to form the PAC-man.

The kit is recommended for children aged five years and includes 24 papers of six different designs and three pages of stickers with actions or items.

If you do not remember how to play, it is very simple. One of the players choose a number from 1 to 10, that will be the number of times that the other player will open and close the game. The first is to choose one of the faces of the PAC-man game that remains open and represent action that hides behind the folding.

I hope you enjoy it so much like me and you enjoy with your children.