Precious Cuddly Oskar & Ellen Toys

One of the last gifts that my daughters received were precious cuddly Oskar & Ellen toys. It’s a Swedish shop created by the mother of two children, Ellen & Oskar, in which we find fabric toys hand sewn in the Philippines, a country where the family has lived some years.

What we have at home is the set of tea ‘ English afternoon tea’, consisting of 24 pieces, dishes, tarts, sandwich, tablecloth, spoon and tea bag, all fabric. It is a preciousness and girls play to tea without risk to break anything, they have already had a tea set porcelona where half of the parts was ended made shredded.

Besides the set of tea you can find many others cuddly toys to inspire in children symbolic play. From an Indian camp, to a picnic set, a farm, a set of fishing, a House of dolls… in the end, I invite you to visit the website of Oskar & Ellen because you will discover very nice things for all ages.

Most contain small parts, so are generally recommended for children from age 3, however certain items are suitable for children from 18 months. You can find them at Copperpot, a small workshop in Madrid, and the store online Nobodinoz store.