Popomax, the Dog That Everyone Wants to

These days I only hear Popomax, IMC Toys dog. a friend told me that her daughter called for him to the Kings. My son also placed Jorge in his letter and up to my nephew Pau, 10-year-old, confessed that he loved. And what has this dog having no others? Puppies in the market that walk, even by infrared, already exist.

Popomax, the Dog That Everyone Wants to

The answer is very simple… True to its name Popomax ‘po po’ does. I.e. give you eating their bones (4 includes toy), take a walk with his belt (in whose command van battery) and when you feel makes caquitas. If you see the video you will see my children happy to trying to uncover the mysteries of this toy. They spend hours. So many that the video lasted me to editing 13 minutes, and for a moment I thought, who devoted so much time to see a dog doing caquitas? So without a doubt, children, because this toy is a guaranteed success. Here I tell you more.

The truth is that Popomax is very cute, I will not deny that it has the face of scoundrel and fun. Interact via the remote control of your belt. The handling is very simple. It works like a joystick. A three-year-old boy already knows to handle it after having pressed the button a few times.

Pressing forward you walk slowly to go for a walk. To give to the button on the back feel. And pressing him on this stance towards inside makes your bowel movements. What he most likes to kids is the broom and dustpan that includes toy to collect the caquitas which are the 4 bones which has eaten.

By the way, in addition to barking, Popomax pulls many farts (quiet not smelling) and love children. It also breathes like a dog of truth. I like both young and older. In addition to the 3 accessories that includes: 4 bones, 1 and 1 broom. Takes 4 batteries 4-LR6/AA batteries in the remote control will not included. I am convinced that is going to be a top sales this Christmas, apart from that it is very marrano what is cute?