Play with Kion, the Interactive Plush La Guardia Del León

At Simba are very fan of La Guardia de León, do you like this series starring the offspring of the Lion King? We have all the toys so you can have fun with them and stage your own adventures at home with the defenders of the animals of the jungle.

Play with Kion, the Interactive Plush La Guardia Del León

You have already presented some toys, such as the articulated figures of the protagonists of La Guardia de Leon or stuffed animals of Kion and Bunga. But today we want to you to know another of our products Star: Kion, the interactive plush.

This Kion is much more than one stuffed animal. It is made of very soft plush is soft and measured 30 centimetres high. It is equipped with motion sensors. So, just that you move your hand in front of him that was put in motion. And it is that Kion, the interactive plush La Guardia de Leon, does not have any buttons or lever that you have to press to move. It only incorporates a power button and shutdown and the compartment for the batteries, well reserved under his coat.

Thus, when interactive Teddy is on and pass ahead of his face, Kion hand ruge, moves his mouth, speaks and turn your head. In addition, you can also jump. Just press their hind legs so it feels and, then, the protagonist of La Guardia de Leon will pop up and will stand.

With this interactive Teddy, children, also to enjoy with your drawings character favorite, Kion, they may improve their motor skills, playing with Teddy making movements. They will also learn the cause-effect relationship, to check the reaction of Teddy when they shake your hand in front of him.

Other skills of children such as the language, cognitive capacities, etc. also will be strengthened while having fun playing with Kion, interactive the lion guard Teddy.

What are you waiting for checking how unfolds the leader of the Pack in your own home?