Pickatoy, The First Toy Rental Service in Spain

We had reviewed some time ago there was the rental of toys in other parts of the world. Now we have known Pickatoy, the first toys in Spain rental service.

The motto of “ would buy them if you can rent them? ”, Pickatoy, a company created by an enterprising mother, allows you to choose the toy that you want and how many want in Exchange for a monthly fee based on the time that keep the toy: one, two or three months.

Toy (or toys) are chosen from the catalogue appearing on the site, among which we can find from a rattle to a Playhouse for the garden. Once elected they sent them home, children can enjoy them during the time that we have requested it and when it completes the term come to pick them.

If costs the child get rid of determined toy that we rented because it has caught affection or so outside, it offers also the possibility of preserving it for an advantageous price.

Other issues that arise us when we talk about toys are those relating to safety and hygiene. With regard to the first, toys come from reliable such as Vtech, Feber and Plantoys brands and have passed strict safety controls. With regard to hygiene, before sending toys to home, they are subjected to a process of cleaning and disinfection so that they arrive in perfect condition to the new user.

As I have said on another occasion, the rental of toys It seems to me an alternative of the more successful, both for times of crisis as no, provided that the rental price involves a saving to purchase.

It is a way to save space, since many times just accumulating piles of toys at home (with some of them never play, others get bored quickly) and on the other hand is a way of educating children that it is possible to share rather than throwaway.

How about the rental of toys?, would it?