‘Of Junk to Toy’: Bonita Initiative to Promote Sustainable Development

‘Of Junk to Toy’: Bonita Initiative to Promote Sustainable Development

The FCC (Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas) group has wanted to celebrate Christmas with the Nice initiative ‘ junk toy’ designed to promote sustainable development.

They have developed ten prototypes of toys created from each day collecting and materials that are generated in its different areas of activity. The idea is to give them to all those who ask them through the campaign of junk to toy website.

Dragon Don Don, the Gusatapon or the crazy racing car, are waiting to be brought to households, along with the snowman Dosojos, Vuvuzela, the bulb Flora Florita or Robotteitor, among other models fruit of the imagination and creativity of a group of excited people about this sustainable initiative.

Toys doesn’t have any cost and seek to brighten Christmas for many children. They are sent free starting December 27 While supplies last.

‘Of junk to toy’ It’s a nice message for kids, because resources are increasingly scarce and is time to start using the imagination to turn the things that we do not use in new objects.

Bet on sustainability is a value that we must educate our children so that they have a future better. You can start doing it from home.

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