Nine Months Babies Have Preference for Specific Toys for Sex

That children are attracted by cars and girls by the wrists may be something more innate which acquired, as he completed a study which claims that to the nine months babies because they have preference for specific toys for sex.

They were presented seven toys to children for nine months, an age in which it is almost impossible that are influenced by social stereotypes. Placed them toys to one meter away and you were allowed to pick up and play with those who would like to. The children preferred toys that act or move such as an excavator, a ball or a car, while the girls preferred toys like stuffed animals or dolls facial features. They spent far more time playing with a car or a ball to a doll with them, otherwise.

It is not the first research that defends the genetic theory. An earlier study, which we talked about on the blog, says that the choice of certain toys by children and girls is due to a genetic programming defined according to the sex of the little.

The findings reinforce increasingly the possibility of a biological basis for the choice of toys. Curious is the result of a research according to which males hardly babies one day old spent more time looking at mechanical options with movement than girls of the same age, who spent more time watching faces.

Certainly the environment influence something, but when I see girls (I say girls because I am a mother of girls) play with dolls I am sure that have been born genetically programmed to protect, care for and feed. There are girls who are curious toys of children and vice versa, and I think that it is good to encourage it, but I think that ultimately the genetic imprint is always present.

We’d like to know your opinion. Do you think that the preference of children and girls by certain specific toys for sex is innate, it is imposed by social pressures, or possibly a combination of both?