Nestable and Constructions, Some Gorgeous Gifts for Christmas

One of the gifts star Christmas sure that they will be building games and nestable. Nothing like this type of games to keep them entertained for hours. And the good thing about these toys is that they enhance development areas as sensory exploration, fine motor skills, coordination and spatial acuity, does anyone give more?

Here I bring you a few examples of nestable and constructions, some gorgeous gifts for Christmas.

Squigz, the play of suction cups

It is not a game well known here, but it is being one of the biggest sellers this Christmas at Amazon.
The game contains different pieces of silicone colors of high quality formed by one or several suction cups, so that we can join them among them or glue them to almost any flat surface such as glass, floors, tables, walls, the bald Grandpa, etc.
The suction cups to peel off made a very characteristic sound fun, or at least I have. You can find it in different packs, from the initiation of about 21 euros to the professional version or deluxe for 36 euros.

Gears, the gears thousand game

In this game, our children will have good times not only by joining parts but that they can also see how to move one of them, and assuming that everything is positioned correctly, also move the other settled parts. In this way can go understanding through play how it works a mechanism and the fun that can be connected all parts.
Gears has been developed by the company Learning Resources specializing in this type of learning toys.
You can find it in different packs and prices, from the 5 to the nearly 80 euros that costs your workstation


What Twin? As a game where the rules leave inside those little minds can imagine all that our children have. Impossible constructions, no rules, no regulations. You can unite different parts from different perspectives, join color, separate them, which dictate your imagination.

72 wood game parts are cut accurately to avoid jams always found when inserting pieces in others. Do not submit forms to use boosts the free children’s game and that are themselves who see where can reach.

You can find it for 30 euros at Amazon

Tobbles Neo, maintaining the balance

Toy of the year 2013 at the international fair of ASTRA 2012 award Spielwarenmesse toy best toy for children 2013 Major Fun Award, Toys Parents’ Choice Silver Award 2012

With awards so it seems the toy suitable for our children. Tobbles introduces us to the world of balance, nice touch and soft shape surfaces. Our children will enjoy creating towers, keeping the balance to knock down them. Great potential of dynamic game – stack, knock down, turn, balance, wobble, tilt, wiggle, roll, and one myriad of experiences.
It boosts the sensory exploration, fine motor skills, coordination and spatial acuity.
Very safe and manufactured in ABS plastic.
You can find it in Fat Brains around 19 euros.