Nauru – Nauro
Capital city Yaren
Surface 21 km²
Population 11,000
Road network length 24 km
Length of highway network 0 km
First highway N/A
Motorway name N/A
Traffic drives Left
License plate code NAU

Nauru is an island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, and with 21 km² of land area, it is the smallest island nation in the world. The country has 11,000 inhabitants and the capital is Yaren. See Nauru population density.

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Nauru consists of one island, which is oval in shape and measures 6 by 4 kilometers. The interior is hilly. The coast is inhabited, with a row of villages that have grown together. The airport is located on the south side of Nauru. The Command Ridge is the highest point in the country at 71 meters. There is little forest on Nauru, mainly on the slopes from the sea, but most of the interior is unforested.

Nauru was annexed by Germany in 1888. In 1914 it was conquered by Australia in the First World War after which it was under British rule. It was captured by Japan in 1942 and was never captured by the US or Australian navies, eventually surrendering to the Japanese at the end of World War II. After this it came under British rule again, after which it became independent in 1968. The entire economy depends on the phosphate mine inland, which made Nauru relatively prosperous with an income of $5,000 per capita in the 1980s, but later led to widespread poverty. About 90% of the population is unemployed, and 95% of the employees are employed by the Naurese government. There are no taxes.

Road Network

There is one paved road in Nauru, a 24 kilometer long ring road around the island, which connects all the villages. There is a ring road around Yaren airport, but the residential streets and roads to the phosphate mines inland are unpaved. There are few vehicles in Nauru due to the short distances.

Road numbering

There is no road numbering in Nauru.


There is no signage in Nauru.

Nauru Location Map