“Monster High” Sold out for Being The Favorite of Girls Dolls

Each year appears a toy of those without knowing very well why (or if) it becomes the favorite of the children doing that parents and grandparents have really badly trying to find it in the stores.

If a few years ago the House of Mickey Mouse was exhausted to the point of selling via ebay by hundreds of euros, this year it seems that it is up to the dolls “Monster High”, based on a popular television series, which have proven to be the favorite of girls.

Last year there were supply problems, but the matter was not too scandalous because the series was not yet too familiar. This year, the adventures of the teenage daughters of Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolf Man and company (no I knew that such monsters could play) they’ve come to many more girls and, as a consequence, sales have been abysmal, so much, that “Monster High” dolls are already sold out (and for sale on ebay, clear).

Who I was going to say to me a month ago, when I came across a huge shelf of dolls “Monster High” in Toys “r” Us and had some in my hands as a possible gift for my niece, it was that would be the great success of this Christmas. Yesterday I went back to this trade and there was no trace of these dolls, just some accessories which, obviously, few girls want.

Minutes later spent another great toys, Drim, a toy chain well known in Catalonia, and saw a sign that said, in the section of these dolls “to meet the demands of all customers only can be purchased two doll Monster High per person per day”, although only had a pack that came together two dolls and little else.

After these two experiences of someone (me) that not the search because no one in my house has called them, I have a ride on ebay, to see which is the quote of the divine death dolls (otherwise not, but the phrase “divine death”, it say in ads until you just catching you up to craze) (, hear), and the current price is between 30 to 60 euros, depending on the wrist, because as in all series that boasts, the protagonists are always more successful.

If this is what is happening today, that still missing almost 20 days for the Christmas day and one month for the Kings, or become new units to shops and trades, which I doubt, or which has got one and decide to resell it is going to be gold (and many parents will have to reel the brains to explain to his daughters that Santa Claus or the Kings have been able to not bring you your) favorite doll).