Make Your Dreams Come True with the Talkative Doraemon Plush

Are you a fan of Doraemon series? Would you like to have a cosmic cat that will help you to make your dreams come true? Wish granted! Simba brings you Talking plush Doraemon, a doll that you will be able to have hours and hours of fun.

Make Your Dreams Come True with the Talkative Doraemon Plush

Especially designed for children over three years, Talkative Doraemon plush you seem like you have the most famous cosmic cat in the world in your own home. And it’s this Teddy, 30 cm tall, speaks as the famous Doraemon series. Yes! If you squeeze your hand you can listen many of his most famous phrases, as well as the famous melody that opens each chapter: “I wish my dreams become reality, become reality because I have u – a lot.” Doraemon can enforce all, with its magical Pocket my dreams will come true…”.”

Indeed, if you look at the front pocket of this Talking Teddy, that Doraemon pulls a thousand and one objects, you’ll find some of their best known technological inventions. One of them is the Gian, an essential of the adventures of this cosmic cat sent from the future and Nobita, his inseparable friend.

In your pocket, you will also find the magic lantern. And a famous dorayaki, sweet crazy to this peculiar gato-robot and carrying by hand if you get hungry could not miss this pocket. All of these add-ins are Velcro.

With Talking plush Doraemon can enjoy live Arabian Adventures. Get inspired in the series and create your own arguments. Feel like Nobita carrying this stuffed always with you. Doraemon will make your days more fun. And if you play with your friends, the fun will be multiplied.

This Plush talking is part of the collection of toys inspired by Doraemon series that Simba takes you to your home. What are you waiting for get your talking plush Doraemon?