Line of Toys of the Novel Carousel

The children’s novel Carrossel, shown on SBT from Monday to Friday at 7:50 pm, has attracted children and adults with the adventures of Professor Helena’s students. Thinking about the children’s audience in the soap opera, Estrela, Brazil’s biggest toy maker, launched in July this year a line of puppets by the characters Maria Joaquina, Valéria, Carmen and Cirilo. With the success of television production, the company decided to expand the line of toys of the novel Carousel launching five more products.

Line of toys of the novel Carousel

The new toys of the novel Carousel will be released later this month.The Star will bring to the market a mechanized Maria Joaquina doll;the teddy bear Tin Tin, similar to what belongs to the character Valéria and the games Tapa Certo and Face to Face with the characters of Carousel.Another toy that promises to be successful among children’s consumers is the Carousel Laptop that has more than 60 educational activities and is also bilingual.

According to the director of Marketing of toy maker Estrela, the contract with SBT for the production of toys was already closed before Carousel to air again in Brazil. According to him, there was a high expectation for the production of the toys of the characters of Carousel due to the great acceptance that the Mexican version of the novel had conquered in Brazil.

Estrela plans to sell half a million toys by 2013

When the novel Chiquititas aired in the same decade, the company had also closed a partnership with the television network and the manufacturer went on to sell 500 thousand toys in the line of the novel. With many orders from retailers wishing to sell toys inspired by the novel Carousel, the brand plans to reach the same number of sales by February next year.

The Brazilian version of the children ‘s novel Carrossel has been on the air since May of this year and SBT bet on the success of the novel, which was already shown by the same channel between 1991 and 1992 in its Mexican version and won a lot of audience to the television network.