LEGO Again Spot-On with His New Figure, The Pope House Master

LEGO Again Spot-On with His New Figure, The Pope House Master

For some time now, the famous brand of toys has become more earrings to the demands of the society and has begun to develop numerous set of games to promote equality, not just for girls or boys, creating lines of women scientists or engineers, but also to adults, as it is the case of this new doll, the Pope House master.

This time the uproar has not come for the creation of a new super hero or a new set of any cult film. This time it was something much more simple but with a powerful message to our children, the Pope who is at home. Simple, simple, but a figure in the vast majority of our kids toys.

The complete set consists of a Pope House master, a Working MOM away from home (to judge by his outfit) and the first trolley for a LEGO baby, of course with included baby.

In the words of its President Søren Torp, the society that surrounds us is changing and is not the same that makes years. The company should listen to all and react to demand for new items in line with the new image that surrounds us.

Is clear that step and slow down of what you’d like, but We move in the right direction. Especially when it comes to eliminate sexism of toys for our children. And although there are people who believes that such an event is trivial, because * any child can put any male figure as a father * that stays at home, I think that this type of action are not too bad. May not change the world but we are working for this.

If I ask for a stick, I would say that it would be nice that the bottle did in scale to the child and not size king Size.

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