Kite with Shape of Boat to Navigate through The Clouds

The kites are great toys for all ages and it can become a shared hobby that will cause us to have a good time with our children. It is healthy, as practiced in the open air and for them not to give us well that sport, we are not going to be too tired.

There is countless designs of comets, it is a toy that leads the centuries with us and that has evolved much lately. This is one of the designs that have called me attention kite shaped boat that seems to incite us to surf through the clouds.

A millennial toy for all ages

It is not known for sure where the kites were invented but it is assumed that it was in China 2500 years ago, and since then is a game involving people of all ages, from those that puts the prospect from 3 to 99 years. All we need is an open space and if we are newbies, a space very, very open and clear, a little wind (the right to lift the kite but we let to us ashore) and desire to enjoy the day with our children.

Sailing Ships Kites

Sailing Ships Kites is the series created by the haptics Lab company in collaboration with teachers Balineses in kite design. All kites can fly perfectly even, and this may not say it all, can serve as a decorative object in a room. ! And you don’t need Ocean! What do cadets waiting for?

To my found me amazing, and you?