Imaginarium Biohabitat, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Imaginarium Biohabitat, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Yesterday was presented in Madrid the Imaginarium initiative to raise awareness and inform children about climate change, it is of Biohabitat, proposing real action for children and their families on the basis of the basic rule of the three R’s, Reduce, reuse and recycle.

Imaginarium offers educational products for children, they are the future and be aware of the care that need the planet, will help to acquire a sustainable attitude, knowing that their actions influence your environment.

Energy-saving, recycling of materials and the rational use of resources, etc., are some of the educational activities with which Imaginarium Biohabitat collaborates in the care of the planet.

This is the only initiative of its kind dedicated to children, the children will learn to create the energy they need for their toys, with the “energy revolution”, the first world line of household power generators that encourage the use of renewable energies as well as ease of use, this consists of three generators of renewable energy, mechanical energy, through the manual rotation of a crank generates enough power to charge the batteries, solar energy, where provide you a small solar panel that has three angles of position allowing you to take advantage of the Sun’s energy and wind energy to collect the energy of the wind.
In addition, Biohabitat line offers an accumulator when charging the rechargeable batteries and a flashlight that works by turning the crank (there is no battery).

They have also created products to promote a “sustainable attitude” consumption and recycling with Bio Farm and Bio Paper, in addition to the Biohabitat Forum so families can explain their ideas and initiatives both to develop in house as to educate their children.

We think it is a good initiative that all parents should carry out with their children, the problem of climate change is here and is to act, our children, grandchildren and others, will be those who suffer it.

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