“If I Were a Toy,” The Announcement of a Toy Store Chain That Breaks The Stereotypes of Gender

There are no toys of children and girls. Toys are game tools that do not bring implied that its use is exclusively for one sex or the other. The balls are for boys and dolls for girls is a stereotype present often on television, catalogs, announcements of toys, and even in the speech of many adults.

For this reason, when a chain of toy stores like Smyths Toys launches an announced as “If I were a toy” designed to break those stereotypes of gender, It is worth to make him known.

A child who plays to be a Princess

Ad recreates the famous video of Beyonce ‘If I were a boy’, but in ‘If a toy’, a version aimed at children.

The 40 second lasting commercial, Oscar, the main protagonist, imagine how your life would be like if it were a toy for a day.

Begins piloting a rocket and he fantasizes about reach space, also with mounted on a race bike, but the oddest thing is that one of your wishes is also become a Queen.

Oscar wears a pink dress, a Crown and salutes from a castle with total naturalness, demonstrating that a child may be what you want to be and play with the toys you want, without having to conform to gender stereotypes.