Hoptoys: Articles and Toys for Exceptional Children

In Hoptoys playful and practical solutions can be found to respond to the needs of children with disabilities, whether auditory, mental, motor, visual or any other.

You will find items and toys for exceptional children (the term “exceptional” I loved). They are objects aimed to entertain but also educate and enhance the skills of these children.

There are toys of the most inventive, such as flavors Bingo, a sensory game aimed at children with hearing or visual disabilities to discover the world of flavors, a touch domino, classification, and also as a rule of reading and school material kits to adapted tools.

You will also find useful information on stimulation, communication, creative leisure and a blog where parents can share experiences.

Hoptoys It has been created by French Bryon Torres, specialized educator, and his wife Veronique by finding that adequate educational and recreational resources tailored to the needs of disabled children there were no. Your project is already 10 years old running.

I hope that both parents and children to discover in Hoptoys practices solutions to make everyday life easier.