Hatchimals, or How a Toy Egg Is Sweeping These Christmas

There is a toy that is causing a furor among children, everyone wants in their letters to Santa Claus and the three kings. It is sold out in stores and those who are lucky enough to get one to keep it as if it were an egg of a race in extinction. It is not, but almost. Hatchimals is a plastic egg that hides inside a virtual pet that has not born. Come on, a mix between a Furby and a Tamagotchi, but most modern.

Its name, Hatchimals is due to a combination of the words in English ‘animal’ and ‘hatch’, which means “come out of the shell”. Has become in Toy star this Christmas and it is sweeping in all countries where has gone on sale.

The Hatchimal only arises if provided good care at the prenatal stage. You need that it is kept at a warm temperature, that is Pat and change it is position from time to time. To the touch, the animal responds to emitting sound and light. Obviously, the more care received, before will be born.

Through the shell you can see eyes that light up when you are ready to break the eggshell. Then the egg changes colour and born the Hatchimal, that is not known will be like until the time of hatching. It is a surprise. Once it is born, should continue taking care of it, feeding it and stroking it. It is able to walk and react to sounds.

There are two types of Hatchimals: the Pengualas and the Draggles, We can buy them in two colors of different eggs and each egg can have two different colors.

The success of the toy is in the expectation that generates in children. “They don’t know what is inside the egg and get excited with what they could find,” says the Vice President of Spin Master, the Canadian firm that created and markets the product.

Exhausted, exhausted

In the majority of countries where they have gone on sale they have been exhausted. In the United States are the most wanted gift but they are largely exhausted in all the toy stores. So much so that there are chains of toys that have launched their own version of the toy. The anger is such that even some letters of apology from Santa to deliver the children in case of not getting the awaited egg.

In Spain the fury by the Hatchimals does not seem to have become greater. Bizak distributes it and its price is around the 75 euros. The price is 74,99 euros in Toys ‘ r ‘ Us, but for sale online is sold out. You can also buy at Amazon, but more expensive: from 119 euros, depending on the chosen Hatchimal. It is recommended for children over 5 years.