Games with Your Baby (From 0 to 6 Months): Need Your Skin and Your Pampering

A few days ago we talked about the importance that parents may be the perfect playmates of our children. Today we continue addressing the issue because we’re going to focus on possible games for infants 0-6 months, or what is the same, about how to stimulate them, ensure that they laugh, enjoy with us, etc..

Obviously, a baby to six months does not play too. At least not in the way in which older children and adults understood the game. Them, for little ones, are more viewers that an active part, and enjoy with very little, with our gestures, our faces, our noise, our skin in contact with hers and our pampering.

Toys? It may be soon

In the toy stores there are many dedicated even for younger babies. They are simple, with rounded shapes, colorful, with textures and different noises as we reach out and usually soft. Is not necessary so we relate us with them, but are also not prohibited.

If we consider that we can serve as a vehicle to spend a pleasant moment with our kids later, we make use of them. If instead we see making them rather little case, may be telling us that it is early for toys and that they prefer another type of relationship.

Playing with babies means you are with them, encourage them, but do so to help you make and also to enjoy us. Talk to them while we play them, or as we do everyday things (change the diaper, dress, undress, cream, make a massage,…), sing a song, or more, teach them some toys of the commented, etc..

It is advisable to do not abuse the stroller, Cribs or mini-Cot and hammocks, because there do not have much to see beyond the ceiling, the sky and the upper parts of the walls. On the other hand, if we take them in our arms we play them more, talk about them more, look them over and they also look us over and see us doing our life, which is no small.

Our contact reassures them

From two weeks already you can start them to massage. It is recommended that they do when they are awake and relaxed. It is important to be able to touch them naked (or honeycomb) with our bare hands, to feel the contact with the skin, and are in a comfortable place with a pleasant temperature (the heat makes it releases more oxytocin and that therefore the baby is better).

No force, and although there are techniques to do it right, if we make it soft, like stroking, you don’t have to be an expert to do it, but just enjoy the moment. If so it might be that currently do not fancy, no stress. Not to everyone want you a massage in according to what moments.

By stimulating their bodies

Contrary to relax them with our tact time can be playing in a more active way, looking for that they are making some moves and that they will know their bodies and the place in which they are. Obviously in a very basic way, because they are still babies. For example, often to little children like to try their displacement, and the majority manages to do it even on a bed. To do so can put them upside down, awake, of course, and put our hands as a stop for your feet. Most takes advantage of this stop to stretch your legs and get moving.

When already they grow a little and hold over your head can do a similar exercise, but doing that the baby of a few small jumps. We will succeed by armpits gripping the baby and placing it on the ground with both feet. Then do as if jump (a little, which is not plan make it fly) and raise it from the ground. Then we went down it until your feet touch the ground. That instantly makes them see they have found your butt and can then return them to blow up. Soon will expect the moment of touching the ground and they themselves will be those who make the jump.

When they are already able to grab things with his hands, say 3 or 4 months, we can begin to give them these toys that can take to shake or even to bring closer them to the mouth, suck or bite them. In this age, since they already endure more head, can play a changing the world from lying to sitting. We take his hands, holding also the dolls so do not slip us, and raise them until they feel, to knock down them. It would be something like sit-ups assisted, up finding our face saying “Hi” or “aaaAAAAaaa”, thing that usually serve them stimulus to want to re-upload to see us saying the same thing.

Already six months they are better able to pick up things with his hands and playing around with them. I do not mean that you have to leave them alone, because they will not want to, but yes we can adapt games to its new capabilities. As curiosity will make you want to pick up things, we can leverage that they already know to turn putting toys to her around, and already not hanging or too close. A turn can leave them in position to catch a toy, or can let them near it. Then will have to decide if trying to crawl to reach him, cry so let us give or make a new twist to get it.

Obviously, even if they have already grown a little and be more able to play, some even sitting because they are already, our arms are still very important and essential communication. We abuse it, talk to them much, catch them as much as we can, so that they can see how we live and learn and be distracting even with our daily chores and verbal reflections. There is no better way to stimulate a baby that, sharing time with them, the more better.