Formex 2014 – We Get to Play a Little!

Formex 2014 – We Get to Play a Little!

It’s always fun to be on Formex – twice a year to set up different supplier at Stockholm international fairs to showcase their news. It’s a bit like a big shopping center without so many people with lots of items that they may not buy. Of course you can order … but only if you want more!

Most exhibitors are interior design company, but there are chocolate, flowers, wrapping paper, linen … and of course toys! All companies are grouped into different matter – we are usually in the area of “Kids” where we find our favorite supplier – Oskar & Ellen, Brigbys (with, among other things, Djeco and Lottie), Rubens Children, Melissa & Doug, Magtoys (with Alex Toys), Unispace (with LaQ and Kimochis), mm!

News 2014

It’s fun to meet people, even competitors, and to talk a little bit about how it’s been and what’s coming in 2014. But the best thing is to see what’s new that are or will be in 2014.

Formex is actually a bit wrong-placed in the middle of January. The big toy fair in Germany is at the beginning of February and in New York, just after, so some manufacturers have not released their news or directory yet …. but we still got to see quite a few products that we want to include in the range.

What we were looking for. ..

We think that the toys should be fun, not only for children but also for adults. It is important that parents and children can find wonderful moments together, and it’s even better if they like to do the same.

What toys were fun? This time I only looked at Stephanie and Sara … when they built with LaQ and Zolo, Suspend, bounced balls with leklera, did a handdocka show with a Folkmanis Alpaca, mm. We laughed a lot – almost like children themselves! Here are some pictures …

We think a lot about Rubens ‘ Children News – Rubens Cutie! Adam, Karin, Emelie and Hanna is perfect in size to the smallest children! We ordered at the fair and have already received our first shipment!

Rowdy was another favorite that we have already ordered in – the dolls, bedding, paintings, etc! Unfortunately, we have to wait … They come first in april, I think.

Sara did a little “show” for us with a fine alpaca hand puppet from Folkmanis. Their hand puppets are wonderful – somehow choose the fabric that is just right for the animal. They have large hand puppets, hand puppets for little hands and great almost-gosedur-like hand puppets. Several of these are already on the way to us …

We want to find fun toys – but how do we do it? We get to play a little, simply. Create Stephanie and Sara artwork with Zolo, who have just arrived and are posted online as soon as possible!

UniSpace (LaQ) had really worked on the stand – they built a completely prehistoric jungle with dinosaurs, etc. by LaQ!

So. … now you have an idée over Formex and a bit of news that we have found there. All come in eventually, and we post them online as soon as you can!

Do you have other ideas of new products that we’re going to take in?

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