Fluff, Dolls to Help Children Overcome Their Fears

Children’s fears are a natural. It is a State that favors the adaptation of the child to the environment and helps you evolve. As parents we should offer our support and company, but we can also rely on resources such as books and toys as Fluff, a few dolls created to help children overcome their fears.

Quilt, mattress, Culito frog and hooligan are four stuffed animals that have been created based on the design and child psychology. Each doll came with children in different common fears in children.

Duvet and mattress have been created for nocturnal fears, fears associated with darkness, night, nightmares, sleep alone and the first fears of the child as the separation of the parents or the fear of starting school; Culito frog has been created to overcome the fear of pain, fear of going to the doctor, to be hospitalized or to cause damage; Thug, half prawns half dog, to overcome the fear of rejection and the fear and denial to be corrected or scolded.

Each of the dolls is accompanied by two eBooks or electronic books that explain the origin of each of the fears and different exercises and guidelines that can start step by step with their children through the dolls to parents.

I found a fun and original tool available to parents to help children overcome their fears and insecurities.