First Notions of Mathematics with Blocks of Lego

There is no better way to learn through play, so I want to share with you an idea of what more fun to teach the kids the basics of Mathematics with Lego blocks.

Children need to visualize abstract concepts of math, and nothing better that use their own toys to become familiar with terms such as major, minor or perform their first addition and subtraction.

To begin with, you only need a base and two colors of Lego blocks. You have to place them in a bowl with three divisions, if you have, or only on the table in different mounds.

You put each color separately and on the other hand, the numbers and the major and minor symbols. For more advanced, I would add the sign of more, less and equal, and a third color for result.

You can start playing by placing you numbers and symbols and the child blocks. And then the other way around. As the child grows more complex operations, adding addition and subtraction, and even multiplication can be.

The construction can be good allies when it comes to learning math. The proposal was delighted! It is ideal to start putting them in issue before the return to school. Do you like?