Dominica – Dominica
Capital city Roseau
Surface 754 km²
Population 73,000
Road network length 393 km
Length of highway network 0 km
First highway N/A
Motorway name N/A
Traffic drives Left
License plate code WD

Dominica is an island nation in the Caribbean as part of North America. The island has 73,000 inhabitants and is the size of several large Dutch municipalities. See Dominica population density.

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Dominica is an island on the border of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, located between the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. The island measures 20 by 50 kilometers. The capital Roseau is located on the west side of the island and has 15,000 inhabitants. The island is mountainous and largely covered with tropical rainforest. The wildlife in Dominica is some of the best preserved in the Caribbean.

The island became independent from the United Kingdom in 1978. The economy is dependent on agriculture. Bananas are an important export product. In general, Dominica is one of the poorest countries in the Eastern Caribbean, with an income of approximately $10,000 per capita. Tourism is poorly developed, partly because the country is volcanic and has few beaches. It is the least visited island in the Caribbean.

Road Network

The road network was mainly built by the British. Before main roads were built, transport by ship was the main form, sailing around the island, as almost all inhabited places were on the coast. It takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to drive the island from north to south. The infrastructure is being improved with Chinese aid. There are no highways on Dominica, all roads are single lane. Only a few roads run through the interior, partly because the east coast on the Atlantic side is less inhabited than the west coast on the Caribbean side. The road network is 780 kilometers long, of which just under 400 kilometers is paved. Most of the streets in the towns are paved. In Dominica you drive on the left.

Road numbering

There is no road numbering on Dominica, with the exception of British ex-colonies. Perhaps the island is considered too small for road numbering.


Little is known about any signage in Dominica. It would be obvious that the signage is based on the British model.

Dominica Location Map