Dolls to Cologne and Chocolate-Scented

While we are used to hear sounds that emit different dolls, the sense of smell is less exploited in a matter of toys. But these dolls to Cologne and chocolate-scented they are a sign that there are scents in this world.

There are different models of dolls of babies measuring 25 cm:, with hair or without hair, with distinct clothing, you can find them white with smell of Cologne and black chocolate-scented.

I saw these dolls in a window of a store and they caught my attention. I was interested in them, and they can be found online at Ale-Hop. And, although they do not sell online, the nearest store can be found at your website.

The dolls to Cologne and chocolate-scented they cost 10 euros each. Let us hope that not give kids by pasting a bite to the “delicious” chocolate dolls…