Do Boring Open Packages? Why Does Not Benefit Have Many Gifts Children

In many households still not it’s over open all Christmas gifts and still is the second “surge” this holiday season, which comes within a couple of weeks with the Kings. Sometimes accumulate gifts in a spiral that is not good for the children in many ways. Let’s see Why have many gifts does not benefit your children.

Probably you’ve witnessed how many of the children have received gifts at a fast pace, so that even they have not had time to open a package, just discover what’s inside, and already have another side by unwrapping. Or a few. And so, one gift after another.

Emotional deficiencies, compensation because we feel guilty to spend little time with them, because we (or grandparents) did not have all the gifts that they wanted (or huebra wanted to do), because too much emphasis is given to the economic value, because it is the only child of a large family… Finally, there are various reasons for this mistake which will be against us.

And although even recommended have few toys for “prescription”, few families who manage to maintain that share of gifts at this time. Let’s look at the reasons to try to reduce the number of present that our children receive at Christmas.

What happens to children who receive many gifts

  • Excess gifts can overstimulate children (and take them to apathy as we see later). This need of moving from one to another gift overload them, can not give free rein to their need to investigate and try, they can not attend to everything.
  • Many present also reduce the level of tolerance to frustration, believe that they get everything they ask for and insofar as this is not show a great frustration, disappointment, anger… And we must learn to manage this feeling, because it never in every moment of life is achieved absolutely everything what you want to.
  • If you get all the gifts without effort, the desire to improve can be turned off. Small gaps are an engine that makes them follow children having wishes, creativity, imagination and desire to overcome…
  • Have many gifts sets limits to the fantasy, braking the imagination and, although it seems impossible, is fostered by boredom because switching from one to another toy without use it, enjoy it.
  • In addition can become children (and later adults) continually dissatisfied, why is better warned previously that their requests in the letter to Santa Claus or the Kings will have limits.
  • If we give a child everything you order, we communicate you the loss of value for which they have, and it is important that they learn to value it.

If we do not control the excess of gifts, there will be many children who become apathetic, capricious, selfish, consumerist…

  • Children lose interest when toys build. Although in the book of gifts they have marked most of items and do not get pages without pointing, truly in the reality of home alone they have shown interest in a few toys, the rest remain as “Accessories”. You try to inquire what is what most makes you excited and distributes those toys between different cards to write the family for another occasion (birthday)…
  • They lose the illusion by novelty, they take for granted that they will have everything, there is no surprise. When accumulates gift after gift, they do not learn to enjoy them, to enjoy them. Reach apathy, they lose the illusion, not focus on each gift to enjoy them fully but that they passed from one to another as if they were “little thing”. A tip: keep some toys for later.
  • They do not enjoy the toys and this happens especially if we do not stop to enjoy with them, if not we dedicate time to each gift and recover the value of the Act of play, so important for small. Fewer gifts, longer games, and “quality” game with the kids.
  • A consumer of the future trend is promoted (well, whether we like it or not, at some point they will discover who is behind the gifts, will grow and probably follow the same path of consumerist excess).
  • If we do not, children do not value the effort that lies behind every detail, they may think that it is the same for all small and do not know the shortcomings of others many, disconnected from reality. We don’t want to know all the woes of the world, but it is necessary work of parents in the sense of showing how fortunate that are, to the extent possible, that understand that we must share the efforts of Father Christmas or Kings, not having twenty gifts at home and that there are children who do not have any.

Finally, a question which should be for us to do. Our children really need both toy? It includes the Charter practical gifts or entertainment are not toys so they can enjoy them in a way different (and often better, in our company).

In short, although often it is difficult to avoid the avalanche of gifts, It will be positive for children to not have so many gifts at Christmas, for them, for us, for our pockets, environment… And perhaps, in addition, get more gifts to other corners of the world.