Dji Phantom 2-Test/Comparison/Evaluation

Update: Dissolved Was The Phantom 2 In 2015 With The Successor Version Dji Phantom 3. In 2016 Appeared Then The Dji Phantom 4 And Dji Mavic Pro. The Phantom Is Available From The Model 3 Now Available As A Complete System With Your Own Camera. Anyone Who Wants To Make Use Of His Gopro, The Must Inevitably Put On The Phantom2, Which Is No More Produced And Sold. Who Is Not A Gopro Hero, Who Finds The Succession Versions Here:  Current Models.

Alternatively, Gopro Himself Has A Quadrocopter With Gopro Gimbal-The Gopro Karma .

The Dji Phantom 2 Quadrocopter convinces as a complete system with excellent quality

The system is almost ready to fly (ARF=Almost Ready to Fly). Only the propellers still have to be screwed on. However, neither a camera nor a gimbal (=camera stabilization) is included in the basic version.The manufacturer DJI Innovations as well as good drone shops also offer complete kits, which then contain both a gimbal and a camera (usually goPro Hero3 or Hero4).

To be recommended is in any case a camera next to the said Gimbal.Since the quadrocopters have a permanent and permanent self-movement (eg to compensate for wind blows or to fly faster maneuvers), all film and video recordings would be very shaky. A gimbal completely compensates for these movements, so the result is a quiet and pleasant video. Our tests have shown that in particular the Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal, developed especially by the manufacturer Dji Innovations, which was designed for operation with a goPro Her3 or goPro Hero4 action camera, is the best choice in combination with the DJI Phantom 2 (to the Manufacturer homepage/Dji Innovations Shop).

Further configuration variants are also possible beyond the camera-eg the installation of an FPV system in combination with an OSD display.

By means of FPV equipment one can then receive from the ground the pictures of the camera us sits thus almost “live” in the Quadrocopter.Therefore the term FPV (=First Person View=Pilotenperspektive).The best flying experience is with FPV glasses instead of an FPV monitor-since the image data is transferred directly into the glasses.See also our  test and top10 on FPV-spectacles.

An OSD module (On Screen Display) can also display important flight data (eg the flight situation and the battery status) in the live image.

However, the installation of these additional components requires a lot of knowledge and basic electronics and soldering skills.

Test/Review/Review/Review/Buy Recommendation For The Dji Phantom 2

Our extensive tests with the DJI Phantom 2 clearly show why the manufacturer DJI Innovations is the market leader in this field. The quality of the products already stands out when unboxing (unpacking)-and reminds strongly of the quality standards, which the mobile phone giant Apple shows.

In contrast to its predecessor, the Dji Phantom 1, the overall concept has become even simpler and more harmonious. Self-locking propellers can be screwed directly and without tools and can not be detached by different right/left threads (per direction of rotation).

The battery (a 3S LiPo battery) is no longer cumbersome connected with cables and plugs, but simply plug and play into the Quadrocopter pushed and switched on. The charging process as well as the status display is intuitive and easy thanks to an “intelligent battery”.

The same applies to the operation and the flight comfort. The proven Copter Control (FC=Flightcontroller) with the name Naza-V2 from DJI Innovations is used in the Dji Phantom 2. Sophisticated sensors including GPS support ensure that the Quadrocopter independently maintains its position and position. The pilot must “only” determine where to go. Certainly, the navigation in the three-dimensional space and in addition to the corresponding height requires a lot of practice-also for the eye.

Important: an additional liability insurance is also legally obligatory in the private sphere of application and hobby-operation! See our comparison for Quadrocopter liability insurance .

The flight time is up to 25 minutes, which is an excellent value and guarantees long flight fun.

Suggested Composition/Optional Components

GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition or goPro Hero 3 Back Edition ( view on Amazon)

Dji Zenmuse H3-3D (for goPro3) or Dji Zenmuse H4-3D (for goPro4)

Dji iOSD mini

Fatshark FPV Transmitter

Fatshark Dominator 2 Videobrille or others (see Top 10 FPV Videobrillen)