Dji Osmo Mobile-Handheld Gimbal For Iphone/Smartphone-Review/Comparison/Review

With The DJI Osmo Mobile Introduces DJI Innovations A New Compensation System For Smartphones And Mobile Devices. The DJI Smartphone Gimbal Equals Moves Out And Gives Into For Butter Soft Video Recordings. It Converts Any Smartphone (For Example, Apple Iphone, Samsung Galaxy Etc) In A Steadicam.

At the International Funkausstellung in Berlin, DJI Innovations is presenting a new addition to the range of camera and photo accessories. The DJI Osmo Mobile is similar in many respects to the already known DJI Osmo handheld gimbal. However, the DJI Osmo Mobile does not use the well-known X3 camera of the Chinese manufacturer, but any smartphone. This is how DJI presents a first universal gimbal system for smartphones, using the know-how of the DJI Osmo.

Proven Zenmuse Technology

The biggest problem when recording video material with a smartphone is the user’s own movements – shaky hands, walking movements and pivoting movements can hardly be compensated for.Thanks to the well-known Zenmuse technology already in use with numerous drones and multicopters or the DJI Osmo, the DJI Osmo Mobile provides compensation for the same shake. Once plugged in and the video recording started, the fine Brushless motors react with fast and extremely exact counter-movements. The result are buttery, low-shake smartphone videos, as they are only reserved for professional camera fans.

Different Operating Modes

The DJI Osmo Mobile has a total of four operating modes – a standard mode, a portrait mode, an undershoot mode, and a flashlight mode.Depending on the mode, the DJI Osmo Mobile reacts a bit differently and the smartphone adapts accordingly to the desired motif. Apart from that, within the DJI GO app not only photos and videos can be viewed, but also various camera settings can be made.

Creativity-Free Operation

With moving timelapse videos (motion timelapse videos) ambitious cinematographers can, for example, represent the course of time in the video. Professional equipment and expensive dollys or camera batteries are not necessary. The handle, together with the smartphone, ensures independent rotation and high-quality recordings. With a live streaming mode, the recordings can also be transferred to streaming platforms like YouTube Live-perfect for Vlogs and Co. Long-term exposures or detailed panorama shots can also be created with the DJI Osmo Mobile as well as the corresponding smartphone at the push of a button.

Features And Features

The advantage of the DJI Osmo Mobile is that your own smartphone can be used as a professional camera system. The high-quality handle has various buttons and controls for adjusting the shutter speed, ISO or white balance. The recording is also started or stopped by means of a button. In addition, exposure settings can be set on the smartphone display. The connection between DJI Osmo Mobile and Smartphone is made by Bluetooth. The battery accommodated in the handle allows a maximum recording time of 4.5 hours. Features such as “Active Tracking” allow you to highlight objects or people on your smartphone with your finger. The system then recognizes these and even tracks them independently with the gimbal so that the object or the person always remains in focus and remains the center point.

Technical Details

Unlike the DJI OSMO with its own camera, the Gimbal part can not be removed from the Dji OSMO Mobile-this is fixed. In addition, the smartphone/iPhone now communicates via Bluetooth to the handheld gimbal – no longer via WLAN-since a high data rate for the image transmission between the camera and gimbal/smartphone is no longer required here and thus the essentially user-friendly Bluetooth technology can be used.