Criteria for Selecting a Suitable Toy

Parents often costs us to choose the more appropriate toy for our children thinking about issues such as security, the ages for which it is intended, and its educational value both for children and for girls it is.

Traditionally the toys have been classified “for children” and “children”; This is not a condition naturally and spontaneously. The society has become natural what has been learned over generations. Society has changed and with them the roles of man and woman. Today the families begin to be formed differently from the traditional model: single-parent, with fathers and mothers of the same sex, reconstituted, unions in fact and can be noticed even as toys are still representing the company of 20 years ago, not for now.

When you talk about the games promote non-sexist, does not mean imposing, force or forbid that children do not play with cars and girls with dolls, refers to allow to play with them without distinction of sex. Foster the desire to break the border and experiment with the new, the unknown and invent new forms of game common.

Another case is the war toys, buy them the message that we are sending to our children is that seems us well violence, war, weapons so present in these times and so much damage do to humanity.
In this respect there is some criteria We must take into account when choosing the appropriate toy:

-That with it you can play boys and girls indiscriminately.

-Avoid transmission of sexist stereotypes and does not promote violence.

-To facilitate being able to play with others, communication between participants, peer relations.

-To promote assistance between equals and not rivalry (non-competitive, which is a game in which no one does not win).

-To boost cooperative relations, aid, which will attain all and all a common goal or purpose in the game (have fun).

-With which to play any boy or girl who not only have very specific skills (which does not exclude anyone).

-Make it fun, motivating, to wake up the desire to play.

-To develop imagination and creativity, (which is a little structured toy).

-To stimulate their curiosity, their interest in investigating, and allows the child to discover new possibilities in the game.

-It enhances the ability of thinking and problem solving.

Let us remember that our children have the freedom to choose toy wishing, but with our guidance, we help them to choose the most appropriate toy.