Clark County, Indiana

According to, Clark County, Indiana is located in the southern part of the state and covers a total area of 498 square miles. The county seat is Jeffersonville and the population as of 2019 was estimated to be over 110,000 people. Clark County is home to many historical sites, such as the George Rogers Clark National Historic Park, Falls of the Ohio State Park, and Fort Knox II.

The county economy is mainly based on manufacturing and healthcare. Major employers in Clark County include Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, River Ridge Commerce Center, Amazon Fulfillment Center and Baptist Health Floyd Hospital. Additionally, there are numerous small businesses in the area that provide jobs to local residents.

Education in Clark County is provided by several school districts including Greater Clark County Schools, West Clark Community Schools and New Washington Schools. There are also several private schools including Providence Christian Academy and Trinity Lutheran School. Higher education opportunities are available at Indiana University Southeast located in nearby New Albany as well as Ivy Tech Community College located in Jeffersonville.

The climate of Clark County can be described as humid continental with hot summers and cold winters. The average temperature for January ranges from 23 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit while July temperatures range from 64 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Annual precipitation averages around 40 inches with snowfall averaging around 15 inches per year.

Clark County offers a variety of activities for its residents including outdoor recreation such as fishing, hunting and camping at Falls of the Ohio State Park or other local parks; numerous golf courses; shopping at River Ridge Commerce Center or other local malls; cultural events such as concerts at Derby Dinner Playhouse; museums; wineries; breweries; hiking trails; art galleries; historic sites; farmers markets; annual festivals like Taste of Jeffersonville or Harvest Homecoming Festival; seasonal events like Christmas on Main Street or Fourth of July fireworks displays – all this makes it an ideal place for both visitors and locals alike.

Clark County, Indiana

History of Clark County, Indiana

Clark County, Indiana is located in the southern part of the state along the Ohio River. It was formed in 1801 and named after George Rogers Clark, an American Revolutionary War hero. The county seat is Jeffersonville, which was established as a town in 1802 and became a city in 1837. The population of Clark County is over 110,000 people.

The history of Clark County dates back to the late 1700s when it was part of the Northwest Territory. In 1786, it became part of the Indiana Territory and then part of Indiana when it achieved statehood in 1816. The county was officially created on February 1, 1801 by an act of the General Assembly. Its first court house was completed two years later and by 1830, there were more than 8,000 people living in Clark County.

During its early years, Clark County relied heavily on agriculture as its main economic driver with crops such as corn, wheat and tobacco being grown throughout the area. By 1850, there were more than 20 mills operating along the Ohio River providing jobs for many residents. Additionally, several manufacturing companies had started up producing items such as furniture and carriages for local use as well as export markets across the country.

The Civil War had a significant impact on Clark County with many soldiers enlisting from here to serve their country during this time period. Afterward there was a large influx of German immigrants who settled here bringing with them their culture and traditions which can still be seen today throughout Jeffersonville’s German Hill neighborhood.

In recent years, Clark County has seen an increase in industry due to its proximity to Louisville KY and Cincinnati OH making it an ideal location for businesses looking to expand or relocate into this region of Indiana. Additionally, tourism has become an important sector within this area due to its unique historical sites including George Rogers Clark National Historic Park; Falls of the Ohio State Park; Fort Knox II; historic downtown Jeffersonville; numerous golf courses; shopping centers; cultural events such as concerts at Derby Dinner Playhouse; museums; wineries; breweries; hiking trails; art galleries; farmers markets; annual festivals like Taste of Jeffersonville or Harvest Homecoming Festival among many other attractions that make it a great place to visit or live.

Major cities and towns in Clark County, Indiana

Clark County, Indiana is home to a variety of cities and towns that offer something for everyone. The county seat is Jeffersonville, which is also the largest city in the county with a population of nearly 50,000 people. Jeffersonville is located on the banks of the Ohio River and has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1802. It has become an important hub for business and industry, as well as tourism due to its close proximity to Louisville KY and Cincinnati OH. Throughout downtown Jeffersonville you can find historic buildings, unique shops, restaurants, museums, art galleries and more that all contribute to this vibrant city’s culture.

Other major cities in Clark County include Sellersburg with around 6,500 residents; Charlestown with approximately 7,800 people; Clarksville which has a population of over 22,000; New Albany which is home to almost 40,000 people; and Henryville with about 1,700 citizens.

In addition to these larger cities there are also several smaller towns that make up Clark County such as Utica with around 400 residents; Borden which has roughly 600 people; Marysville with about 900 citizens; Memphis with over 1,200 inhabitants; Underwood boasting nearly 2,000 individuals; Borden boasting almost 600 people; Henryville having 1,700 inhabitants and many more charming communities throughout this part of Indiana.

No matter where you go in Clark County you will find something for everyone from outdoor activities like hiking or fishing at Falls of the Ohio State Park or Derby Dinner Playhouse or shopping at local boutiques or enjoying food from one of many eateries – all while taking in the history and culture that each town offers.

Postal codes in Clark County, Indiana

According to Countryaah, Clark County, Indiana is part of the Louisville–Jefferson County, KY–IN Metropolitan Statistical Area and is served by multiple zip codes. The main zip code for Jeffersonville, the county seat and largest city in the area, is 47130. Other zip codes in the county include 47129 for Sellersburg, 47111 for Charlestown, 47122 for Clarksville, 47150 for New Albany, and 47126 for Henryville.

The cities of Utica and Borden are served by 47130; Marysville and Memphis are served by 47143; Underwood is served by 47177; and Borden is served by 47106. Several small towns throughout Clark County also have their own zip codes including Starlight (47106), Grant (47123), Jefferson Proving Ground (47025), Sellersburg Rural (47172), Utica Rural (47175), Georgetown (47122), Henryville Rural (47126) and Marysville Rural (47144).

In addition to these zip codes there are also a few unincorporated communities in Clark County that use different postal codes such as Cedar Grove which uses 47041; Little York which uses 47037; Troy which uses 47035; Worthington which uses 47077; Monroe which uses 47050; Canaan which uses 47520; Vienna which uses 47598; Borden Rural which uses 47106 and several others.

No matter where you live or work within Clark County you can be sure that you’ll be able to find a postal code that will serve your needs. Whether you’re looking to send mail or packages locally or internationally these zip codes will ensure that your items get delivered safely and on time.