Children’s Day:15 Technological Toy Tips for Gift

Children’s day is approaching!On October 12th, it’s time to give away our little ones.As we know, children are increasingly connected to new technologies and love electronics in general and to help you choose the best for your child, nephew or little brother, we’ve put together a list of tips with 15 tips on technology toys that will ensure the fun of the children on this children’s day.

Magic cube

Magic cubes stimulate reasoning and concentration.To prevent his fingers from being injured from turning the pieces to try to mount it, the Cube Runik was launched, an electronic magic cube created by the company Tehcno Source, with squares lit in different colors and touch.Just touch slowly on the square and show the movement you want to do, that the lights change places.It’s a great way for you to give your child a gift on Children’s Day.


The Candide version is far from serving military purposes, air delivery or filming services, common uses given to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones.Still, the toy promises, in addition to entertaining, to work the motor coordination and the agility of the children.The handset comes with radio control and rechargeable battery that can be connected to the control itself or to the USB of the computer

Furby Interactive Plush

This interactive plush toy, which promise to talk to children and, through applications, allow care like taking to the bathroom and putting to sleep.Interactivity with Furby, the most famous of the category, can also be done as an application medium, which can be accessed from the cell phone and the computer.With the app, the child pays attention to the puppet and contacts other pets through a social network.How about gifting your child on a children’s day with this cuteness?

Twister Dance

Hasbro Twister Dance game.Now Twister Dance Is Who Tells The Movements, Stay Atrent The Silhouette And Repeat Its Moves To Learn Awesome Steps!Dance Your Favorite Songs Connecting Any Audio Device With Headphone In. Follow the Virtual Dancer and Learn The Steps From: Demi Lovato, Cali Swag District, Lmfao, Cimorelli.

Educational Tablet

DL has developed a tablet especially for children, transforming the fun into learning.Tab Kids is characterized by being extremely fast and practical.With various games and educational content, children will enjoy a lot of entertainment.This all on a 7 inch screen with high sensitivity and excellent image quality.The 1.2GHz Quad Core processor ensures the speed required for the user to navigate through the applications that the Android OS offers.And yet, the TP264BLJ Tablet has two integrated digital cameras to record the best moments.In addition to having Wi-Fi connection, which allows instant connection and great navigation.The design, created for the handling of children, is lightweight and compact.Integrate the technological universe with the world of kids with the Tablet Tab Kids.

Portable DVD

The Tectoy DVD will provide lots of fun and entertainment moments wherever you are.With highly sophisticated features in a super compact device, the DVD can be used in the vehicle, in the camping, on the beach, in the office, on the farm and wherever the imagination allows.You can watch movies and shows, listen to your music on MP3 or CD, view your photos and do presentations with this incredible guaranteeing animation anywhere, anytime.Free your imagination and enjoy everything that DVD Kids can offer.

Mini game MD Play

Tectoy’s mini-game MD Play comes with games like Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Altered Beast, Golden Ax and Sonic already comes with 20 games saved in memory.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

The Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 goes a bit beyond the “ordinary” building blocks.The line consists of parts with 32-bit processors, light, touch and sound sensors, USB and Bluetooth ports, as well as software for activation.The kit allows children to assemble advanced robots in just over 30 minutes, according to the manufacturer.

This line of LEGO usually is used also with didactic purpose in schools, for classes of robotics and artificial intelligence.It has a total of 612 pieces and allows you to create different types of robots capable of perceiving distance, reacting to sounds, noise, colors and movement.

In addition, they have range autonomy with a fairly reasonable degree of accuracy, especially if you consider it to be a toy.The templates created can be programmed for the user’s desired interactivity.

Fisher Price Smart Cycle

This toy is a kind of exercise mini-bike that works like a video game.It is connected to a TV set.With it, the child simply pedals through different scenarios (synchronized on the TV set) or runs in a competition against artificial intelligence, other players or with time limit for completion.In addition, there is a control between the handlebars that serves for the child to use the other types of games available in the toy.

Digi Piggy

This is a technological version of the traditional little pig.This piggy bank puts the pennies together and calculates them, so you can see on your display the amount of money stored inside.On this children’s day, teach your child to spare with this gift!

Remote control tank

The Brookstone Spy Robot Spy Tank is a tank controlled by iPad or iPhone.Through the downloaded application, you control the tank, record videos through the camera located at the top, and take pictures of the places the tank moves.Then just download everything on the device you are using.


This is a game that amused children of several generations, after all, are 75 years of history.Over the years, the toy needed an update, and today is connected the new technologies: Paper notes have been replaced by debit and credit cards and now you no longer buy streets and avenues, but you become a businessman , being able to buy companies like Vivo, Nivea, Renner, Fiat, among other great brands.In place of the board, users download an application on their smartphone and through check-ins in specific places in the Foursquare style, each person can win or lose virtual money through luck or backhand cards.Thus, the more money a person has, the more he can buy the places he or she checks in, and from the visits received on the spot, the property can be valued or not.You can become a millionaire in your city, even if it’s a lie!It’s a great way for you to give your child a gift on Children’s Day.

Twister Dance

This is a game that encourages children to move through dance.The new version of the game, released last month, replaces traditional accessories.In place of the rug with colored balls, colored circles with weight sensors are scattered across the floor.And in place of the roulette, an LED gadget indicates which circle the player should step on.But all this, to the sound of a lot of music!

Magna Color

This board is the sensation of the moment.It allows children to draw and paint in 3D.With their glasses they see art jumping to the eye.


In the format of the “Cars” animation carts, this is a Disney car that has sensors on its bottom.It interacts with the iPad, as the child moves it, and has clues for locomotion.The game is very well produced, including lighting the headlights of the car at night.

The application you need to use is free in the AppStore.

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