Children May Not Inflate Balloons or Blowing Tuesday without Adult Supervision

Just get to know a new European directive which has raised enough controversy for being related to very popular, apparently harmless toys that children have been used for generations. According to the European Commission children are not eligible to inflate balloons or blowing Tuesday without adult supervision.

The prohibition of inflating balloons is for children under 8 years old, while the blow Tuesday is for children under 14 years before the risk of suffocation or could be swallowed a piece of toys.

Whistles and magnetic fishing games will be also banned since they contain small parts and chemicals that can lead to too many risks for children.

Are not saved the teddy bears, which will have to be washable, because they accumulate too much dirt and can spread diseases, or noisy toys, especially the rattles and musical instruments, for the high level of noise that may.

From now on, toy companies must indicate the restrictions in the packaging of these toys, although traders, on the other hand, have serious doubts as to the effectiveness when it comes to putting into practice the rules.

Anyway, it will be within two years when each EU country will have to reflect this standard in its legislation. We’ll see if it stays only in theory or practice takes.

Finally and ultimately to children may not inflate balloons or blowing Tuesday without adult supervision It may seem absurd, because we all have made small. But it is no less true that little is any caution when it comes to prevent accidents among children. Do you you think about this measure? Do you see it exaggerated?