Change Radical (And Necessary) Barbie: Farewell to Stereotypes

Change Radical (And Necessary) Barbie: Farewell to Stereotypes

Since Mattel introduced its latest announcement already change air is breathed for Barbie. In “Imagine the possibilities” (imagine the possibilities) appeared girls aspiring to be something more that an icon of fashion, and in another commercial broke gender barriers by showing a child playing with a doll.

Everything pointed to that Barbie was evolving, but lacked the finishing touch to their nothing realistic appearance. Yesterday, we pleasantly surprised with a fantastic news that puts an end to years of impossible measures: Barbie Debuts 3 new bodies: curvy, tall and petite, a radical (and necessary) change of the most famous doll finally says farewell to stereotypes.

The new collection of dolls, which already is on sale in the United States and will arrive in Europe in March, includes 4 body types (the traditional and these three new), 6 tones of skin, 19 colors of eyes and 20 hairstyles, in addition to multiple and varied sets of clothing and accessories. A diversity tighter to the face of real women.

Her three new friends not may ask Barbie borrowed clothes. Basically, because it would not enter him or sit him fatal with its new measures. Something that is positive for the public, and the other very positive for Mattel that will begin to make different collections for each.

Barbie Curvy (or “plump”) luce hips and prominent rear, thighs, arms and wider twins and a waist that nothing has to do with the original. Barbie Tall (or high) is higher than the original with a more toned appearance and Barbie Petite (or short) has less size than the original with a leaner body.

The revolution of evolution of Barbie

Never a shift at a wrist has caused so much stir, and is that Barbie stops being slender and “perfect” measures means a revolution, because Barbie is not just a doll, she is an icon.

The impact has been such that Time devoted its front page to the change of Barbie under the title: “Now can we stop talking about my body?” (“Do now we can stop talking about my body”?). The article reflects on the new figure of the doll, its most important in 57 years of history change, and the new canons of beauty in America.

Why I like that Barbie has evolved

As I said above, Barbie is not just a doll. It is an icon. And those who have girls and boys playing with dolls, do not want that you see reflected in those nothing realistic beauty models. We don’t want to believe that being handsome and successful is having eternal legs measures impossible. We don’t want to play with a doll that does not resemble anything women who come down the street. Toys are just that, tools for the game, but should also feel identified with them.

That Barbie has evolved to a model with curves, a low and a high is extremely positive for the new generations. It shows that the standards of beauty are not unique, being different it has nothing wrong and that all of the women, in their own way, are pretty. Now only lack the Ken to become “fofisano”.

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