Carter County, Tennessee

According to, Carter County, Tennessee is located in the northeastern part of the state with borders to Johnson County, Unicoi County and Washington County. It covers an area of 437 square miles and has a population of 57,424 people. The county seat is Elizabethton and the largest city is Johnson City.

Carter County is known for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and more. The county also has several historic sites including the Carter Mansion, a historic home built in 1775 that was once owned by President Andrew Johnson. Other attractions include Watauga Lake which offers great fishing opportunities as well as boating and swimming activities.

The county has a total of four school districts; Elizabethton City Schools, Johnson City Schools, Unicoi County Schools and Washington County Schools. These districts offer students quality education from kindergarten through grade 12 with some schools offering advanced programs such as dual enrollment or college preparatory courses.

The economy of Carter County is largely based on agriculture with major crops being corn, soybeans and tobacco as well as livestock farming which includes chickens, cows and hogs. In addition to these industries, there are also manufacturing plants in the area which produce furniture parts for companies like IKEA or paper products for companies like International Paper Company.

The overall cost of living in Carter County is relatively low compared to other areas of Tennessee due to its rural nature. This makes it an attractive place for people looking to move away from larger cities while still having access to all the same amenities they would find there such as good schools, healthcare services and shopping centers.

Carter County, Tennessee

History of Carter County, Tennessee

Carter County, Tennessee was first established in 1796 from portions of Washington and Sullivan Counties. It is named after Landon Carter who was a prominent landowner and surveyor in the area at the time. The county seat, Elizabethton, was founded in 1799 and is named after Landon Carter’s wife Elizabeth MacLin Carter.

In its early years, the county was mainly an agricultural region with crops such as corn, wheat, tobacco and cotton being grown as well as livestock farming. The county also had a large number of water-powered mills for grinding grain into flour. As the population grew, so did trade and commerce with businesses such as stores and taverns popping up around the area.

During the Civil War, Carter County was divided between Confederate sympathizers and Union sympathizers due to its location on the border between East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee. This led to a number of skirmishes taking place in the area during this time period including one at Sycamore Shoals which resulted in Union forces capturing Confederate troops stationed there.

After the war ended, life slowly returned to normal with many of the same industries continuing to operate in the area though some saw an increase in production due to new technologies being introduced at this time such as steamboats which allowed for easier transportation of goods along rivers like Watauga River which runs through Carter County.

Today, Carter County still retains much of its rural character with most people living here still working in agriculture or related industries such as timber harvesting or food processing. There are also several manufacturing plants located here that produce items like furniture parts or paper products for companies like IKEA or International Paper Company respectively.

Major cities and towns in Carter County, Tennessee

Carter County, Tennessee is home to a number of cities and towns including Elizabethton, the county seat. This town was founded in 1799 and is named after Landon Carter’s wife Elizabeth MacLin Carter. It is home to many historic sites such as Sycamore Shoals which was the site of a battle during the Civil War. The town also has several parks and recreational areas as well as a vibrant shopping district.

Another city in the county is Watauga, located on Watauga River. This town was first settled in 1820 and has since grown into a thriving community with shops, restaurants, and other businesses. It is also home to several parks and historical sites including Rocky Fork State Park where visitors can enjoy hiking trails or fishing in the river.

The city of Roan Mountain can be found at the eastern edge of the county on Roan Mountain State Park. This area offers visitors breathtaking views from its summit as well as opportunities for camping, fishing, kayaking, or hiking along its trails. It also has several lodging options available for those who want to stay longer.

Other cities in Carter County include Hampton, Johnson City, Jonesborough, Unicoi and Southside which all offer their own unique attractions such as museums or other historic sites for visitors to explore. There are also several smaller towns such as Butler which provide more rural experiences for those looking for a quiet getaway from city life.

Postal codes in Carter County, Tennessee

According to Countryaah, Carter County, Tennessee is divided into several different postal codes. The main ones are 37650, 37651, 37652, 37653 and 37654. Each code covers a different area of the county and can be used to identify a particular location for mail delivery purposes.

The 37650 code covers the Elizabethton area in the northern part of the county. This area includes the cities of Elizabethton, Hampton, Johnson City, Jonesborough and Unicoi as well as many smaller towns such as Butler and Southside.

The 37651 code covers the Watauga region in the western part of Carter County. This area includes the cities of Watauga and Roan Mountain as well as several smaller towns such as Gap Creek and Embreeville.

The 37652 code covers Johnson City in the southern part of Carter County. This city is home to East Tennessee State University and other educational institutions such as Milligan College and Tusculum College. It is also home to Johnson City Medical Center which serves much of Carter County’s health care needs.

The 37653 code covers Jonesborough in the eastern part of Carter County. This town was founded in 1779 and is home to many historic sites such as Washington College Academy which was founded in 1803 by Reverend Samuel Doak Jr., who also served as President of Washington College from 1806-1809. It is also home to several museums including The Heritage Alliance Museum which showcases artifacts from local history.

Finally, the 37654 code covers Unicoi in central Carter County near Erwin National Forest. This town has a long history dating back to its founding in 1790 by Colonel John Tipton who named it after a Cherokee Chief named Unicoi who lived nearby at that time period. Today, it is known for its outdoor activities such as camping, fishing or hiking along one of its many trails or exploring nearby Rocky Fork State Park with its breathtaking views on Roan Mountain summit ridge line.