Bratz Dolls: Values Transmitted and Why Have Succeeded According to a Psychoanalyst

I confess that I find one little babydoll. As a girl who grew up with the tender Nenuco, the decent Nancy and the adorable belly, the Bratz seems out of a Tarantino Movie.

And I’m not the only one. This doll was designed by Carter Bryant for MGA Entertainment in 2001 and to the President of the company seemed gruesome, but loved his 11-year-old daughter. With great entrepreneurial flair he decided to produce it, and triumphed.

After 50 years of reign, the Barbie gave the throne to the Bratz. Neither are models suitable for women, but although anorexic, Barbie is provided. On the other hand the Bratz has a huge head, thin body, lips extra-silicone, piercings, excess makeup and always as a lolita dress.

Then we will ask why Spain is the first European country to silicone implants, but tell me with who you play and …

¿Qué values represent the Bratz?
To begin with, is not daughters who care for (because most mayorcitas girls no longer have breasts) or are aspirational adult women as Barbies, but the Bratz are as older sisters with unlimited credit card, the sexual brazenness of Paris Hilton (a bad example for children) and extreme hedonism.

According to a psychoanalyst, a doll so sexualized success has to do with the era in which we live where governs the model of the argumentative teen. Girls don’t want to mature, working, being mothers, but prolong adolescence.

I.e. If they become independent with the generation of young Spaniards Barbies and the Nancy being thirty-something what will happen with the Bratz generation?

And now seriously. The Bratz represent a model of woman lush, hollow and consumerist According to our society of having and not being. The problem is that the TV and women’s magazines support these messages of some dolls. And Eva already warned us also models sexist in toys.

But for that we are parents, to transmit values, and guide the personality of the children develop healthy emotional and creative aspects.

Finally, children already have told us clearly in this great video that they do not want to be like us, and we can not blame them much.

The problem is that they want to be something still worse!!