A Mother Warning The Typically That Found Within The Famous Teether Giraffe Sophie

The giraffe Sophie (Sophie the giraffe’) sold in almost all countries (except for eight) and quickly became the most famous teether in the world. Many children play with it and bite it to soothe the discomfort of teething.

To a pediatric dentist and mother of two children, Dana Chianese, has bought it to their children, who have used it for months. But I have here the surprise that was found to cut it and discover a layer of rust inside the toy.

Sophie’s soft touch, smell and is squishy. It has parts that stick out like legs, ears and horns that make it very “nibble” for babies. Also incorporates a whistle with a hole that when you squeeze the toy, it emits a sound.

Dana has the blog brulée giraffe was the favorite toy of two children under three years of age, but already it is not. He says that I would clean it often according to the instructions of the manufacturer, with soapy water and a damp cloth, or immerse it in water, but one day while it was felt an unpleasant smell that came from the hole of the toy when tightening. He decided to cut it in half and discovered that the inside of the toy was covered with blackish mold.

It is not the only user that alerts of this asquerosidad. Stephanie Oprea left a review at Amazon alerting about the same thing and also including photos of the sectioned giraffe:

Caution! If you have one of these, the moisture will go into the hole and will end up full of rust! We have had our Sophie for two years and the entire interior is covered with black mold!

In the Forum of What to expect, a mother warned him that there could be within the favorite toy of their children, took courage and cut the legs of a giraffe to also discover mold on inside.

Below, we see the warning that the father of Dana Chianese, dentist like his daughter, shared in your Facebook profile, warning about the danger of snapper with holes.

Look at toys with holes

They are biting or not, toys with holes, and those which are very soft that children can pierce with teeth, they are a potential hazard.

Children drool-worthy them, chew them, play with them in the bathtub, and Enter les babas or water the smallest hole, can be finished with the interior as the giraffe Sophie.

Any surface that trap moisture is susceptible to the formation of rust. This can grow and release spores and, although exposure to the mold of a toy is relatively low, can pose a risk if the child has immunological problems or respiratory allergies.

How to clean toys safely

It is not the first time that desperate parents share the typically found in items used by their children, and the worst, things that are continually in the mouth. Some time ago, parents warned of rust had been found to remove a glass of learning Tommee Tippee.

For make sure that the toys with which children play are safe, give you three tricks to clean toys, especially those in the bathroom, which are more susceptible to forming mold:

  • Let them soak for an hour in a mixture of half a cup of white vinegar in a litre of warm water, rinse well several times and allow them to air dry.
  • Wash them in the dishwasher
  • Immerse in boiling water and then clean with a brush to help remove rust.

UPDATE (17/01/2016): BB Grenadine, distributor of Sophie the giraffe® in Spain and Portugal, has contacted with babies and more to make us get the official statement in relation to the latest published information about Sophie the giraffe made by its manufacturer Vulli®.

“First of all, is important to know that Sophie the giraffe® is made with 100% natural rubber, so the instructions for use must be carefully respected. As indicated in its packaging and in the explanatory brochure within it, is recommended to clean the surface of Sophie the giraffe® with soapy water on a damp cloth. This should not be immersed in water or sterilized, to prevent water from entering inside, can be damaging. Therefore, we want to emphasize the importance that not him between water into the hole of his whistle.

Inform them that Vulli not has been contacted by Ms. Chianese nor Ms. Opera before reading the article. Therefore, it is difficult for us to certify what have been the reasons that have caused this, as these Sophie the giraffe® have not been examined. Have mind that every complaint received is taken very seriously and that the return of the product is always asked for supplementary examination.