A Family of Imagined Teddies for Children

A Family of Imagined Teddies for Children

If our children work out their dolls, surely the result would be quite similar to this curious family. By the image they seem drawings scrabbled for a child on the paper. But in reality they are a few stuffed animals with the design of children’s drawings, with MOM, Dad, son, daughter and even pets.

They are plush toys made from organic cotton, and as we see no shortage or son playing to be superhero nor animals home, “Ceetah” and “Duggy”, a dog and a cat. Each doll comes with a haiku, a small poem in English, inspiration also infantile, even with spelling mistakes.

This idea is joining other trends in dolls we’ve seen babies and more, as custom Shidonni Teddies or PeLuChaRia, which literally kids drawing becomes a teddy.

These dolls offer always the same design, and each costs about 16 euros to change. A family of peluches-garabatos that many children will recognize as if they themselves had imagined.

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