Your Holiday Shopping Guide: How To Choose The Right Gift For Your Kids?

Christmas is coming and with it, the holiday shopping. Normally, we base our children gifts on toys, but do you know what are the most recommended and that better will find according to his age? Takes note of these tips!

Your Holiday Shopping Guide How To Choose The Right Gift For Your Kids

We know that happy when you open the gifts that await them under the tree until there is a stage of stress caused by the dreaded Christmas shopping. Our children live glued to the television as the Tablet (normally both of them at the same time) and Live influenced by the amount of publicity that comes to all hours.

You want your child to have the toy that likes but you also worry that it is suitable. Age is one of the more reliable parameters to take into account when we decide. Is ideal to choose toys that promote the child’s imagination and that lead him to investigate and develop both the physical and mental abilities.

Do not worry! The key is the average between what the child wants and what you decide what is most appropriate for it. Do not be guided by his whims, matter quality above quantity. Sometimes “have it all” come to be bored. Take your time and you will be able thus reasoning what toys you choose for your little ones. They will find well with everything give him!

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Their First Year Of Life

During the first six months the baby begins to pick up toys and to manipulate them. At this stage the most important thing is the safety. Instinctively are all at the mouth and therefore you must make sure that objects are not toxic, are made with durable materials and which can be cleaned easily.During these months are developing their senses, so it is good idea to regale them with toys that help them explore what surrounds them. Anything will get them attention and so toys must assume support for this phase of its development.

From six months and until the first year, babies begin to investigate on their own. They win security themselves, crawling and even begin to walk.They’ll love them toys that help them to move and play non-stop as the Foosball, walkers, rugs and quilted activities, toys for the bath, cuddly toys with sounds and songs… will they have fun!

In the nursery

Between 12 months and 2 years, our children once will not stop still have lost the fear to walk and run. Balls, pails and shovels, nestable figures and stuffed animals will enchant them. You can find millions of possibilities that have fun and learn at the same time.

2 to 3 years children are about to enter college. Encouraging creativity through the world of crafts is one of the priorities. Can be done through the paints, clay or Shales. They are also in the tricyclestage, when they learn to handle simple vehicles until they reach the bike. Don’t forgetreading and books, this age opts for the simplest with large and colorful drawings.

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In Preschool

Between 3 and 5 years will have many significant changes in their lives. Come to school, make friends and grow so fast that you’ll soon have it uploaded to the bicycle. They will gradually learn to read, write and you will fill the House with their crafts. Also they love to dress up and make up stories. At school they draw and color without stopping, so come to us well to always have books for our small artists.

Is also a time to introduce them to more simple, such as Parcheesi and the oca Board Games. The puzzles are another very important option, there are all sizes and shapes. Sure that the will find their favourite cartoon characters.

More I Want To Be…

Between 6 and 8 years old children begin to scream that of: “Most want to be…!”. One day want to be doctor and another astronaut, and is that is a stage in which everything that is related to the professions love to. It is the time to introduce them to the world of cooking with the classic “kitchenettes”, the typical building games or even engineering with the trenecitos. With this age should exercise your visual memory and manual skills. So you can buy the typical cutout.

The 9 to 11-year-old children begin to develop in the Group and it is good to boost them this collaborative team spirit through sports. In the last stage in the school you will be good school utensils, like the ball in the world. Love, in addition, solve mysteries. For this reason Board Games will enjoy them and help, in addition, exercise your mind.

12, And Now What?

From the age of 12 children will be entering, each at your own pace, in the dreaded stage pre-teen. At this point in his life are more “independent”, as their tastes, and it will be more predictable what you want and also what you need.

Video games, tablets and computers are his favorite toys. You should not be alarmed because they do not have to be negative. There are all types, only you have to make sure that they are suitable for their age. You can reward them with these types of games when they do the homework and remember always limit the time.