Would Have This Doll That All Parents Want for Their Babies to Sleep?

Baby sleep is one of the issues that most concern the recent parents. It is not for less, when it is estimated that in the first year of the baby, parents lose more than 700 hours of sleep. The desperation of many of them has done that all kinds of products aimed at helping children to sleep would emerge. Cell phones with sound to methods, books, and toys with apparent powers able to entrap children in the arms of Morpheus.

One of the latest sweeping is Lulla Doll, a doll that all parents want for their babies to sleep, What will he so eBay it has offered up to five times their value by it?

It has become a “best seller” in a few days. Doll, sweet look and soft feel, was created by a mother from Iceland, and includes a recording with the sound of the beating of the heart and a deep breath, many comparing it to the “Darth Vader”.

They ensure that these sounds will help stabilize the own heartbeat and the breathing of the baby, helping you to take sleep more easily and sleep longer. Also, thanks to its tissue, the doll can permeate with the smell of the parents to provide a greater sense of security baby.

Really needed is a doll for the baby to sleep?

No method is needed from a book, a doll or cushions with false heart rate, or much less than a behavioral indicating to let a baby cry. The only thing that a baby needs to sleep at ease and for longer is to be close to his mother, feel its warmth, its true heart and his breathing heartbeat. To that, there is nothing able to replace it.

The dream of the baby is not a problem that has to be solved with dolls or cushions. It is an evolutionary process that is necessary to understand and accompany, make it more “friendly” so that the family can rest.

The creator of Lulla Doll is convinced that there is no better place for the baby to the arms of their parents, but it is designed for those moments in which it is not possible that MOM or dad are there for the baby to sleep.

The first production of 5 thousand dolls has been sold and there are parents in waiting list. For a doll that was announced on eBay have been offering $350 when the list price is $ 71.