Wood Horse: The Charm of Craftsmanship

Today we can find more sophisticated toys but the wooden horse It is one of the favorite toys for children that retains the charm of craftsmanship.

The success of the little wooden horse lies in the simplicity. It is a toy that never go out of style and that keeps alive the illusion of the little ones. The rhythmic motion of the rocker they love and allows them to imagine that they gallop or stroll mounted on his horse. Besides being a beautiful decorative object for children room, it encourages creativity and promotes muscle development.

The most endearing this horse of wood that I showed above is that it is a unique piece made in traditional way since 1965 by Eduard Bosch, an 87 year-old grandfather of Vallgorguina, small town near the Montseny. The man keeps intact his craft which have enjoyed many children, among them, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The Fusta Cavallet is manufactured completely handcrafted in pinewood and banana, and then is painted and painted in red. It is made with solid and durable materials posed no risk to children, no tips or dangerous parts.

If you are in doubt, the wooden horse is one of yesteryear toys most enjoyed by children today. If the horse you for gift giving at Christmas, you can place an order through the official website.