Where Are Parents on Toy Commercials?

A couple of days ago I talked to follow having ads for toys for children and girls, something that is clearly just that we put TV or browse any toys catalog. In this advertising, it is also clear that there is an important gap: where are the fathers and mothers in toy advertisements?

If so many benefits have to share time with our children (seems that we have to talk about benefits to “sell” something so natural in the times that run), why not it is assumed that it is the parents who share the time of games with children?

However, analyzing television commercials shows that the presence of adults in this type of advertising is almost zero: only announcements of Board games and electronic toys is playing the role of father.

The data are drawn from a study entitled “The representation of gender in the campaigns of toys” at Christmas (2009-2012). Here is evidence that there are children’s toys and toys for girls, and children play alone.

So not only are perpetuated gender roles that go against equality, but at the same time It is assumed that the children play alone. And I don’t want to say that it is not a way to play valid, since the individual game stimulates them and sports, is even necessary as part of the self-learning and self-knowledge.

But we can not reduce children’s play time on time alone. More than anything, because they are games that eventually leading them to the screens, which do not develop the social competence of children or they get many benefits of playing with others.

With kids who play?

These “others” are usually the children in the ads, but few parents. The children play, accompanied by her friends. A reflection of real life, possibly.

Me It seems to me that years ago it was more common that children appeared to be playing along with her parents in the ads (not as many years as that will have the poster above), although it is also true that years ago there was much less publicity.

But I think, I hope, that it will be an “upward trend” coming soon: new parents with children. In the same way that increases the number of ads that represent children playing together with the same toy, both in some television commercials and in some catalogs of toys.

They may be the “new times”, now the children are otherwise in society (seems they bother anywhere: is better to be quiet and playing alone in a corner), now works are extended on the day in endless days, now play with the balls of the Park and parents we were calmer. Although, it is really what we want? And most importantly, the best for our children?

It is often not easy to find time to play with them. Share time with them. But it is not find us the trick of “quality time”. We share with them, a few minutes a day for games (many other moments for else, turning many activities into games), and when the weekend playing with our children.

Comply with so little… If we think about it, not even toys, truth is needed. We spared no if no to buy this year, what would the child. What more, more, you like is to play with you. I am sure that it would be the “ask it” favorite of the kids. The best gift for Christmas return to be us.

But since we are in these dates, as surely they will keep buying toys, is not bad wish and imagine. Hopefully soon the parents appear in ads playing with your kids, and I hope it is not a strange image then…