Wheeled Toys Stimulate Their Development

Although toys with wheels may seem simple, the early childhood educators say that they stimulate various factors of its development, ride, trolleys, prams, friction, etc., provide physical, emotional and social benefits, improve his psychomotor development, socialization, their ability to reason, understand concepts such as depth, speed, space, laterality, or distances.

From the year all children have given or will give their first steps, to encourage him in this advancement of its development can provide so-called toys with wheels, with the exception of pedals and motor vehicles. Walkers or carts which the child has to push, stimulate the balance control, help you refine the March with a support that will prevent some to other setbacks.

The ride, similar to a tricycle but without pedals, strengthen their legs, to advance you have to drive with them, this exercise also strengthens your lower back and collaborates in the perfection of coordination.
Drag toys are those who Strip and follow him, as cars, dogs, trenecitos… It encourages independence and sociability, since they obey him by pulling the rope, he commands and makes you feel more important. In addition, these toys are very striking by the noise emitted and colors you have, what attracts the attention of other children, and although within two or three years it is possible to still not be given to share, will be very beneficial social relationships.

Also the carriages of friction provide more benefits that we can think, because it will gain flexibility in the wrists, it will control the grip strength, it suit hand stroller, etc volume.

Whenever a new toy we give our son should be with him and guide him in the first movements in the different possibilities of game that can give you and when the child knows to make use of its Wheeled toys, let you play at your own pace, so will let bring their imagination and their creativity.