What to Give for Christmas? More Toys Recommended for Every Age

Here is Christmas, a time for the little ones. In a few days the children will get toys that have asked in his letters and perhaps those who do not have also asked. Sometimes may not be the most suitable for them, so that you may have secured success we are going to speak of What are the most recommended toys for every age.

It is very important that the choice of the toy go according to the age of the child at every stage of development, it has different skills. If we give a toddler a toy for an older child, you may feel frustrated and not to use it. Otherwise, if we give you a toy for little ones to one older child you will be bored and end up putting it aside.

Gifts for babies 0 to 12 months

  • Sensory toys: mobiles for crib, cuddly toys with textures, bath toys, teethers, throws of activities, gyms for infants, rattles, stroller toys, mirrors.
  • Soft books: books of fabric with different textures and colors to stimulate the senses.
  • Mobile for cot: also musical lamps, chimes or any toy that emits light and sound.

Gifts for children from one to two years

  • Stackable and nestable: Toys manipulation and construction simple that contribute to eye-hand coordination. Cubes, building blocks, toys thread simple, etc..
  • Towed toys: toys with wheels that can drag while walking
  • Tables of activities: with clocks, mirrors, circuits. Also phones, pianos or other toys with buttons and sounds.
  • Books: the first books must have thick leaves with colorful images that stimulate the imagination.

Gifts for children of two to three years

  • Building games: eight to ten large parts type LEGO, nestable pieces of wood with low weight and no sharp edges that can make you hurt.
  • Plastiline: It contributes to the development of manual skills and to stimulate creativity.
  • Finger paints and chalks: the first approaches to art. Make sure that they are suitable for toddlers, non toxic and always monitored by adults.
  • Simple musical instruments: xylophones, tambourines, drums, maracas and pianos.

Gifts for children from three to four years

  • Puzzles: more complex (max. 25 pieces)
  • Physical dexterity toys: scooters, skateboards, tricycles, bicycles, trampolines. They favor the power, resistance and muscle control.
  • Stickers and cut-outs: They exercise patience and stimulate the agility of the fingers.
  • Kitchenettes: an old ideal to introduce them in the culinary arts. Gadgets, dishes, cutlery and plastic cups, as well as stuffed.
  • Costumes: instruments for the symbolic game in which children pretend to be other people.

Gifts for children from four to five years

  • Educational games: tabs to link pairs, or drawings and sounds, the first numbers, letters…
  • Dolls and puppets: articulated dolls that recreate situations next to other children, or us.
  • Interactive storybook: life stories that include multimedia content. In addition to traditional textbooks, course.

Gifts for children from five to six years

  • Toys for playing outdoor: bicycles of two wheels, slides, swings, trampolines, scooters, balls, etc..
  • Educational toys with letters and numbers: to become familiar and numbers and learn to form the first words. Also puzzles with a greater number of parts.
  • Dolls and dolls: with dresses and accessories that contribute to improve the manual skills and promote the symbolic game.
  • Musical instruments: It’s a good age to begin to play an instrument like guitar or piano.
  • First board games: Domino, Parcheesi, letters, etc. Games for two or more players to learn to socialize and play by the rules.

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