War Toys

Many parents doubt or are alarmed when their children ask them a toy gun, a shotgun, ultimately a war toy.
This position is for us, far preferable to that which adopt some parents, that are not concerned at all with what play their children, nor violent consequences that may have.

In this issue, there are two theories, many experts, believe that a plastic gun does not have why tilt your child toward violence, since thanks to this toy, download their aggressiveness symbolically, without any kind of real aggression.

The other party, strongly opposes this type of war toys, for them, give a toy of these features to our children, means that violence and war may seem well as a way to solve some problems.
Seeing both sides, we are parents, who must decide. Personally we cannot agree with this kind of toys, including consoles, which often exceed the reality and can create misconceptions children.

There are some tips that specialists who generally tend to give this type of war toys.
Parents, we need to instill in our children without ambiguity, the stance of rejection we have with real violence, try to explain what happens in a war of truth, procure always to educate them within the tolerance and dialogue as the best solution to resolve conflicts.

Teach them clearly the differences between an actual and simulated violence, totally different shoot playing and shoot really. The example easier to give them is with an injection. Is not the same to play doctors and to make you the injection to put it really.

And finally, that a toy gun, have to be only a toy more among the variety that the child may have. When children play, they deployed a large amount of energy that includes a dose of controlled aggression, these games are also necessary for their emotional development and normal development, but we should keep in mind that toys do not negatively influence the child.